CDA Spine, A Spine Care Center of Excellence

CDA Spine providers are committed to providing services for patients who are suffering with back pain.  This includes patients who have been evaluated for surgical intervention.

Michael Ludwig, M.D., a board certified physiatrist at CDA Spine is well recognized for developing a carefully formulated program to evaluate, manage, and rehabilitate patients with back pain.  CDA Spine providers are  recognized for their successful medical practices  that encourage  participation in a conservative back pain management program prior to any consideration of back surgery.  CDA Spine offers multidisciplinary spine care including non-operative measures and when necessary, surgery.

Are you considering treatment options for your back problem?  Contact CDA Spine (208-765-9100) and mention that you are interested about the conservative back pain management program directed by Dr. Ludwig.  Following your initial intake assessment, your customized, evidence-based program may include physical therapy, injections, care coordination and an ongoing supportive program to help you progress toward spine wellness.  The intent of the program is to assure that patients with back pain have pursued thorough non-invasive treatment for their condition prior to consideration of the need for surgery.

Make no mistake about it, should you need surgery, providers at CDA Spine will help you navigate through your choices.  CDA Spine surgery specialists offer the least invasive surgical procedures to treat some of the most common spine conditions.  Learn about minimally invasive spine surgery.  Visit

CDA Spine is a multidisciplinary spine clinic located in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.  Services include physiatry, outpatient rehabilitation, diagnostic spinal injections, therapeutic spinal injections, EMG and nerve conduction studies, MRI, X-ray, physical therapy, work conditioning, and minimally invasive spine surgery.